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Medieval house by Valantis Zoumis
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Bed of Roses
Victor Nizovtsev
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  5. "Sometimes when you hear an awesome testimony, read certain Christian books, or see the way another person sings in worship service, it’s easy to become discouraged. Why can’t I have a faith like that? Am I doing it wrong? Do I really get it? What am I missing?

    This is a losing game … So much of church relies on emotionalism and “feeling God,” so when we no longer feel God, we think something is wrong with us. The truth is: the Bible never calls us to continually duplicate our highs. We’re called to remember the Most High in our lows.

    If you tried to have a wedding every day of your marriage, it would get exhausting. Preachers often try to do this to you in church, and this is why we keep hitting a dead end. Churches try to whip up a sacred moment out of thin air, but instead should really be reminding us of the reality that Jesus is present in both our mountaintops and valleys."

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Danielle Poff
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